Is my brain fog from my house?

You could be any age. You notice that it seems hard to think and it takes a lot more effort to concentrate. You don’t feel as sharp as you remember you were, and maybe even your job performance suffers. If you’re older, you laugh it off (at least on the outside) and say this is just what happens in middle age. But on the inside, you worry about cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

What did 50 doctors miss? And what is CIRS?

There was an article I recently read, titled “I’ve Seen Over 50 Doctors And No One Knows What’s Wrong With Me” and what really struck me was the subtitle, where she said that it didn’t really matter what they called her disease, “what mattered was learning to live with it.” I made a mental bet in my head that this woman had CIRS.

What is causing your Chronic Fatigue?

You know something has been wrong for a long time. You’re tired and yes, you’ve got a lot going on, but still… it seems excessive. No matter how much you sleep, you don’t feel rested. Your cabinets are filled with supplements that promise better energy, but they don’t help, or if they do, it never sticks and it’s never enough. Your doctor runs some tests and your thyroid seems fine, you’re not anemic, everything seems normal and they don’t have any ideas.