Have you tried everything?

Having Mold Illness can sometimes feel like you’re crazy: the average patient sees between ten and twenty doctors without results. Then other people question whether your symptoms are real. Your symptoms get worse and new ones are added without being alleviated. With the Shoemaker Protocol, relief is possible and you can get back to living.

Why Mold Urine Tests Don’t Work

Many people would like a single, simple test to tell them if they are sick as a result of being exposed to a building with mold. Unfortunately, that is not the reality of how our bodies work.  And to make matters more confusing, there are laboratories out there telling doctors that they do, in fact, have such a simple, single test. But it’s not a valid test.

Natural Remedies for Mold Toxicity

When discussing the health impacts of mold, it’s common to hear people say, “Oh, I’m so allergic to mold!” However, an allergy to mold in the environment or in food is different from the immune dysregulation caused by exposure to mold in a water-damaged building. It’s very much an apples and oranges situation. Typical symptoms of a mold allergy are similar to those experienced with grass or pollen — sinus congestion, headache, asthma.

Is It Fibromyalgia or Mold Illness?

Do you suspect you have fibromyalgia? Do you start your days stiff and in pain? Are you struggling with fatigue? Is brain fog making it hard to concentrate? Perhaps you’ve even visited with a long list of doctors and eventually ended up with a diagnosis. The challenge in determining whether someone has fibromyalgia lies in the fact that it relies solely on symptoms.

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Frequently asked questions

Will I get better?

Yes, you will. Part of the reason you have not gotten better in the past is that you were never properly diagnosed, and therefore whatever treatment you got never fixed the root of the problem. There is a clear treatment pyramid for treating mold illness so we know exactly what to do.

I’ve seen 12 specialists with no answer. How do I know you’re right?

You don’t, and you shouldn’t trust someone who doesn’t do testing, or do the right testing. There is specific number of positive tests needed for a diagnosis of CIRS, with published research papers supporting that. But consider this — if you’ve seen 12 specialists, they’ve ruled out a lot of diseases. They’ve run the tests to check for what they thought you might have. But what if they are unfamiliar with CIRS, and the tests needed to confirm the diagnosis? They won’t run them simply because they don’t know them. You don’t have to trust us to be “right” — you just need the tests run by a certified CIRS practitioner and the confirmation of the diagnosis from those tests.

Will this be expensive?

Our patients have come to us having already spent tens of thousands of dollars (or more) trying to figure out why they’re sick. While we don’t know exactly what the cost might be for you, an initial visit with one of our CIRS-certified practitioners is $300 for an hour, and approximately $1200-1500 for the CIRS testing. We strive to keep our treatment costs low, while still being effective, but there will be some costs for supplements and for retesting. Your practitioner will be as transparent as possible in explaining the different variables, and we can work with you if there is a financial stress.

Why did I get sick and my spouse did not?

To get Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome requires not just exposure to a biotoxin like mold, but you also have to have a genetic susceptibility. This is why we often see that not everyone in the house gets sick. Sometimes, because this can go undiagnosed for a long time, the healthy people in the same house start to wonder if the sick person is “making it up”, unfortunately.